What does it mean to have written a #1 Bestseller? It means that of all the tens of thousands - and even hundreds of thousands - of books in that genre, one outranked them all. So far, I've managed to do this eight times; each of those times my work ranked higher than one of the top 5 bestselling authors in the world.


According to Nielsen BookScan, of the 1.2 million books tracked in 2004, only 25,000 - roughly 2% - sold more than 5,000 copies. Of that 2%, about 1% were bestsellers; less than half of that 1% were #1 bestsellers. What does all of this mean? It means if you work with me, you'll be working with someone who has managed to get into the top 0.5% literary sales margin eight times over, and I'll try my best to get you there too.


Writing a bestseller requires equal amounts of luck, skill, and perseverance. I'm blessed to have all three, but it came at an enormous cost, requiring many thousands of hours of learning, practicing the craft, and honing my skill, as well as writing millions of words (literally) and collecting lots and lots of rejection slips. It's far from easy, and that's why so few of us writers have done it.


Do you have a story? No matter the genre, if it's remarkable, intriguing, or unique in any way, I want to hear about it. I'm interested in great stories—period.

So, let's chat.

Please Note: I'm not the 'Alex Foster' on Amazon. My works, so far, have been exclusively ghostwritten and not published under my own name. Those that are scheduled to be published will be under 'Alex Cody Foster.'

Alex Cody Foster

#1 Bestselling Ghostwriter

Are you ready to write a bestseller?

Research & Interviews
Editing & Proofreading


I charge a flat fee, plus expenses. This covers the cost of interviewing, writing, research, editing and proofreading. Expenses include transcription costs, airfare, food and lodging.


The fee is determined by the complexity of the project, the location of the author, the availability of prior written material and the length of the book.


Every project is different, but you can expect ​fees consistent with current market rates and my track record. I don't write cheap work, so I don't have cheap rates.



I'm Alex. I specialize in memoir, fiction, and creative nonfiction. I've ghostwritten eight #1 Amazon Bestsellers, wrote for one of the U.K's most successful thriller writers, and worked as John McAfee's biographer for six months. I work closely with Gotham Ghostwriters and Reedsy, two of the top ghostwriting agencies in the world. The projects I take on are met with an almost obsessive diligence. They're refined, perfected, overthought, until the finished product shines.


“Alex Foster is a pure drop in an ocean of ink. A writer with taste and an impeccable work ethic. A clear voice. Someone to pay attention to. Remember that.”
—Josey Cary, internationally-acclaimed artist and photographer




“Alex Foster is a hard-working and caring writer, whose enthusiasm for writing will drive your project forward. Intelligent, honest, reliable, Alex will give your project the attention it deserves and do his best to make it a success.”        Barbara Baig, author, Spellbinding Sentences: A Writer's Guide to Achieving Excellence and Captivating Readers (Writer's Digest Books, 2016)


Alex Foster is a driven and passionate writer. As an emerging voice and accomplished author in the fast changing publishing world, Alex can navigate a project from concept to completion without hesitation. His commitment to craft and integrity will benefit anyone who wants their story told with the quality it deserves.
Paul Molyneaux, author, A Child's Walk in the Wilderness


“Alex is incredibly talented, generous with his time; he is indeed a very rare and special writer able to tackle the most arduous tasks without flinching. ”
—Prince Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, Baron de Watteville, author, Balthus


“Alex is awesome. He produced my manuscript in a timely manner. He is very professional and easy to communicate with. ”
—Darryl Coleman, M.D 





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