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So—what does it mean to have written a #1 Bestseller? It means that of all the thousands of books in that genre, one outranked them all. So far, I've managed to do this eight times; each of those times my work ranked higher than one of the top 5 bestselling authors in the world.

Writing a successful book requires equal amounts of luck, skill, and perseverance. I'm blessed to have all three, but it came at an enormous cost, requiring many thousands of hours of learning, practicing the craft, and honing my skill, as well as writing millions of words (literally) and collecting lots and lots of rejection slips. It's far from easy, and that's why so few of us writers have done it.


Do you have a story? No matter the genre, if it's remarkable, intriguing, or unique in any way, I want to hear about it. I'm interested in great stories—period.

Let's chat.

Please Note: I'm not the 'Alex Foster' on Amazon. My works, so far, have been exclusively ghostwritten and not published under my own name. Those that are scheduled to be published will be under 'Alex Cody Foster.'

Alex Cody Foster

#1 Bestselling Ghostwriter
Author: The Man Who Hacked the World: a Ghostwriter's Descent into Madness with John McAfee
Research & Interviews
Editing & Proofreading



You’re probably wondering: what exactly does a ghostwriter do?   

I developed my process as a writer for hire through years of hard work, including nine successful book proposals. The overwhelming majority of books pitched to agents don’t get published. Finding success in such an exclusive field requires more than just good writing. You need to study the intended market, anticipate trends, and be able to walk in the shoes of the client—to tell their story authentically, and in a way that appeals to publishers and readers alike.  

Then it’s time to do the work.

Ghostwriter Process:

Project Launch: Book Proposal Strategy

An informal discussion to get to know each other, create a project roadmap, and develop a working table of contents. 


Your Story: Research + Interviews

Most ghostwriting projects require anywhere from eight to twelve hours of interviews—and sometimes more. Not to mention loads of research.


Get It Right: Editing + Proofreading

Once I’ve gathered the information I need, I deliver 25 pages of a first draft for the client to review and make sure we’re on the same page. Once we nail it down, I’ll run it past my team of rigorous editors and proofreaders.


Finalize: Revisions + Final Approval

Almost finished! Changes are made, the draft is finalized, and it’s ready to land on an agent’s desk!


Ghostwriting University:
Online Ghostwriting Course — Here

Don't sign up for this course. It sucks — real bad.




I'm Alex. I've ghostwritten eight #1 Amazon Bestsellers, wrote for one of the U.K's most successful thriller writers, and worked as John McAfee's ghostwriter for six months, which is profiled in a Netflix documentary, here. I work closely with Gotham Ghostwriters and Reedsy, two of the top ghostwriting agencies in the world. The projects I take on are met with an obsessive diligence. They're refined, perfected, overthought, until the finished product shines.

I write from New York City.


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Check out my first book,

Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee




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